Fashion today speaks to the masses, helps forms a person’s identity and it influences people’s outlook on life.

We all may have different opinions about the direction fashion has gone today, and so does Brandon Huggins of St. Matthews, SC. Brandon Huggins is a 25 year old male with a vision to create a different portrait of clothing from what the public currently sees. With his love of music, fashion and ultimate love of sneakers, Brandon has creatively established an upcoming clothing line called SoleFood Clothing.

SoleFood Clothing encompasses everything society should see in the physical appearance of one another. This clothing line will bring back when fashion was fun yet instilled with class. SoleFood Clothing will introduce a retro/hipster style that serves the purpose of speaking to the “soul” of a person and having their “soul” speak to the world through their fashion.

The Meaning Of Solefood Is Basically Apparel To : Co-inherit with the flyest kicks.- I stem the name Solefood from my best friend, the late Caleb Greene Which Dj Name was “Soulfood”. I wanted to start the brand to commemorate the legacy of Him. He was also into high in-fashion.The Brand Will Potray a retro/hipster style to the public. My Short-Term Goal right now is to basically build a brand that within the next 5 years can be marketed to major clothing store as well as it’s own store .

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  1. Follow our blog back and support our company as well. African-American empowerment. And if you need help building the blog, I can help you out with that.

    Live life glamorously.
    – Kay Alexandria-Day
    President, CEO and Founder of KA & Co.

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